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Basement Waterproofing in Cheltenham

Converting or improving the living space in a basement is invaluable, adding extra living and value to properties. As basements are primarily below ground, they are subjected to much more dampness including hydrostatic pressure (penetrating damp), rising dampness and condensation. But don't let this put you off! We are basement specialists who work on numerous basement projects each year.

Cotswold Remedial Services offers a range of Cavity Membrane Systems and waterproofing systems that can transform a damp basement into a dry habitable living space.

A specialist that provides a bespoke solution for you

Designing and installing waterproofing systems below ground is a highly specialised operation. Our surveyor Matthew Clark is fully qualified and has the following qualifications:

C.S.S.W - Certified Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing

Matthew has over 30 years of experience in the basement waterproofing industry and is from a second-generation family in preservation and damp proofing.

Having passed the 'British School Of Waterproofing' examination, and is knowledgeable in BS8102. BS8102 - this is the Code of Practice for Protection for Below Ground Structures Against Water from the Ground.

Our surveyor will consider firstly, the existing form of construction and secondly, the existing ground conditions, such as the height of the water table. They will then design a suitable system for you.

How will we treat the problem?

We recommend a Cavity Membrane System as this is extremely reliable and versatile to deal with most situations. This utilises a studded membrane to line the walls and floors to provide a dry internal surface. The walls can then be dry lined or plastered, and the floors can be screeded or overlaid with chipboard flooring.

Where there is a risk of flooding or water flowing, the cavity membrane systems are used in conjunction with drainage and a sump and pump.

Please note: We do not install inferior plastic waste pipe to our pumping systems. We only install pressure rated pipework for our pumps. We will only select the best pumps and do not fit inferior pumps that are likely to fail.

Did you know........ some contractors install incorrect pipework for pumps, and install unreliable pumps that fail within a few months!

Is the treatment covered by a guarantee?

Our waterproofing treatments also include a meaningful 10-year guarantee, and for a small additional fee we can provide you with complete protection we can offer you a fully secured guarantee by the Guarantee Protection Insurance Company Limited. This scheme has been hailed as "a landmark in the field of consumer protection" by the Director General of Fair Trading. This will provide complete cover for you and any subsequent owners of the property and is only available to members of the GPI.