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Damp proofing in Cheltenham

Rising damp is simply water from the ground that starts entering the structure of your building, depositing damp and salts into the walls and plaster. It often occurs when existing damp-proof courses are faulty, damaged or even missing.

What happens if I do not treat it?

Untreated rising damp can lead to the following:

  • Unattractive staining on your walls (which cannot easily be painted over)
  • Building deterioration
  • Dry rot, wet rot and woodworm
  • Increased heat-loss
  • Unhealthy mould
  • Reduced property value

How will you diagnose the problem properly?

Firstly, our fully qualified and experienced surveyor will conduct a thorough survey, checking moisture levels throughout your house, to understand the complete picture. This will effectively create a moisture profile of your property. By carrying out the survey in this methodical manner, we can eliminate any other sources of moisture that may not be rising dampness.

Our surveyor will use an electronic moisture meter. A moisture meter works on a resistance principle that measures moisture content of a given material, such as wood, masonry or plaster. Depending on the scope of the survey we will frequently use a separate instrument called a hygrometer to measure the relative humidity and temperature within a property. This allows us to calculate the risk of condensation occurring.

Did you know ...

Rising damp is regularly misdiagnosed or incorrectly treated costing customers thousands of pounds...

Treatments that are effective

Our modern treatment of rising dampness firstly includes the insertion of a highly effective cream emulsion damp proof course, and then a secondary membrane system is installed to the walls which is then plastered. Compared to more traditional treatments, they are far more effective, and quick drying.

Please note: We do not employ or specify the use of inferior limelite renovating plasters or waterproof sand/cement renders which are notoriously unreliable and regularly cause salting complications after treatment.

Is the treatment covered by a guarantee?

Our damp proofing treatments also include a meaningful 10-year guarantee, and for a small additional fee we can provide you with complete protection with a fully secured guarantee by the Guarantee Protection Insurance Company Limited. This scheme has been hailed as "a landmark in the field of consumer protection" by the Director General of Fair Trading. This will provide complete cover for you and any subsequent owners of the property and is only available to members of the GPI.

How much mess is there?

We pride ourselves on being as mess free as possible. We use state of the art dust extraction equipment and also install temporary floor protection. Unfortunately, you can't use the room during works, but as the process is quick drying, we will be able to plaster the walls and get you back to normal as quickly as possible.

What is the true cost of a free survey?

We were asked to diagnose a damp kitchen in a Cotswold home. Another firm offered a free survey but had then diagnosed rising damp and quoted over £ 3000!

Firstly, the property already had a damp proof course! On investigation, we discovered a sound physical DPC and judged that rising damp was unlikely. Moisture readings and a thorough investigation in the kitchen revealed a leaking water pipe (its effects exacerbated by non-breathable floor tiles, which forced moisture from the floor up the walls).

As a result, the client arranged repairs on their insurance and avoided completely unnecessary costly works for 'rising damp'.


"Following your survey, we are successfully pursuing an insurance claim for the damage to our kitchen caused by a water leak which you identified during the survey. Your survey led us to understand the damp damage was due to a water leak and not rising damp as we originally thought which would not have been covered by our insurance and hence has saved us considerable costs. We did find two water leaks which have since been repaired and now we progress the damage repairs.

"Your survey was carried out in a very professional manner and you carefully and methodically considered the situation and symptoms associated with the damage to make your conclusions. The moisture readings taken also provided supporting evidence which was required by the insurance company. The final report was comprehensive and was provided as evidence for our claim. The survey fee was the best money I have spent! The insurance company is undertaking the repairs, so we have not asked CRS to undertake the works.

"Thank you again for the survey."

Kind Regards,

R. Garrett

Rising damp is easily misdiagnosed

We were asked to diagnose a damp Cheltenham home. Another firm had diagnosed rising damp and quoted approximately £4500!

Firstly, it already had a damp proof course! On investigation, we discovered a sound physical DPC and judged that rising damp was unlikely. Moisture readings and a thorough investigation of the ground floor walls revealed a bridging problem, which allowed moisture to bypass the damp proof course.


"Matthew came to do a survey a few weeks ago as I was concerned about the damp in my property, after another company tried to tell me I needed a new damp proof course which would cost thousands of pounds! Matthew is very knowledgeable and explained everything to myself and partner in detail. After conducting the survey, I received a comprehensive report which explained that the problem wasn't due to the damp course failing but a bridging problem. This is a lot easier to fix and this in turn has saved me a lot of money! I highly recommend Matthew and Cotswold Remedial Services for all your damp proofing needs."